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Oak Glade Farm, Sparland, Marshall County, Illinois, USA

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Deep Are The Roots

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Oak Glade Farm

Mr. and Mrs. William Monier purchased the Oak Glade Farm in 1868 from Jabez Fisher, the old pork packer of Lacon.

William Monier was born on the Isle of Man, May 1, 1834, and came with his parents to America in l850. It took 21 days to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a sailing vessel. The journey from New York to Illinois was up the Hudson River by boat, the Erie Canal to Buffalo, thence by the Great Lakes to Chicago. They came down the canal to LaSalle then by river boat to Peoria and settled near Brimfield. In 1857, the family moved to Saratoga Township.

Willmina Doran, who would become his wife later, was born in New Brunswick, Canada, July 5, 1841.  In 1848, the Doran family moved to Boston. There they became acquainted with the Fisher family, who in turn persuaded them that the Illinois farming country had a promising future.

So in the summer of 1850, they came to Illinois by the same route that the Monier family came. They arrived in Lacon October 31, 1850. After living in Lacon that winter in a two room house with four adults and ten children, a little crowded by today’s standards, they moved to Jabez Fisher’s “Oak Glade Farm,” the present residence of Halsey and the late Edith Monier, Robert W. and Myrtle Monier, Joe and Donna Monier, and their families.

On December 23, 1860, William Monier, age 26, and Willmna Doran, age 19, were married and began farming in Saratoga Township.

In 1868, William and Willmina Monier sold their l60 acre farm in Saratoga Tovmship and purchased the 327 acre “Oak Glade Farm” from Jabez Fisher.

Now in 1976, Rodney Monier, the son of Robert W, and Myrtle, has an interest in a cow and calf herd on this farm. It is the fourth generation of Moniers to have a working interest in “Oak Glade Farm” and the fifth generation to live there.

The old horse barn that was built before Willmina Doran’s parents moved to “Oak Glade” is still standing.

At the present time, Joe Monier’s family lives in the house pictured. It was built by William Monier in 1878, The original home is basically like it was constructed ninety-eight years ago.

Mrs. Robert W. Monier

Oak Glade Farm coordinates: N 41.04863 W 89.51712

William, Willmina and Monier family

James and Rebecca Doran moved to the farm, owned by Jabez Fisher,  in 1851.

Willmina Doran Monier and William Monier bought the farm from Jabez Fisher in 1867 or 1868.


Written by Michael S. Doran

February 27, 2011 at 12:38 pm

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