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Letter dated September 25, 1864 from William Doran to parents James and Rebecca Doran

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Sept. 25, 1864

Dear Father and Mother

I received you letter of Sept. 4th, yesterday and I was very glad to hear from you all but Andrew is gone.  Dear brother killed by a traitors hand but folks if we go to war we must not all expect to return home but still it is hard for us to reconcile ourselves to the untimely death of a dear brother or friend yet if we look at it right we know that he might have died at home and Father I would rather for every friend and brother I have got in America would die on the battlefield as one to die at home for they are in a good and glorious cause.  My brother died in nobly defending his adopted Country and I honor him for it.

 Still I would like to have seen him once more.  Tell Mother not to fret about me nor to borrow trouble for I do not think that a reb can hit me and I would rather die a dozen times on battlefield as stayed at home like some of them cowardly Copperheads you have there.

 I have killed a few Choctaws and did not tremble much and I think I could have as steady a hand on a Copperhead.  Kick them out of the Country and you will soon have your sons out at home and your daughter will have their husbands and peace again restored to the Country. 

 Since I last wrote to you I have had dreadful time with sore eyes.  I can scarcely see the lines and I cannot write much more.

 As for Edward I know nothing.  Tell Robert when he comes home to stay until he get further orders from me and I will come as soon as I can.

Your unworthy Bill

I will write more soon


Written by Michael S. Doran

September 9, 2010 at 12:00 am

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