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Letter dated July 15, 1864 from James and Rebecca Doran to Andrew Doran

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La Prairie
July 15, 1864

Dear Son,
I received your letter dated July 4, informing us that you had your arm amputated.  I had received one a few days before wrote by Thornton Thompson, stating that it was a flesh wound and it was doing well.  It gave us some hopes that you would not lose your arm, but those hopes are all blited.

I received your letter last, and had thoughts of starting to see you this morning, but I did not know where I might find you.  I had wrote to you before to see if I could get you home if I came after you, but I don’t know that you will get the letter.  It was directed to Chattanooga and I don’t know that you will get this, but if you do let me know where you are, and how you are, and how you fare, for time or money will not stop me from going to your assistance.

So I want to know the truth of the matter, for in the midst of life death is on our track and a preparation for the same is necessary every day.  I trust that you have not and is not neglectful in these things, as you have been taught the necessity of the same from your youth up.  May God bless you and preserve your life is our prayer this morning.

Write quick for time will seem long till we get an answer.

No more at present, but we remain your Father and Mother to death.

James and Rebecca Doran

Address:  Mr. Andrew Doran, Co. E
               86 Regiment Illinois
               Vol. General Field Hospital
               Big Shanty, Georgia


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September 5, 2010 at 7:47 pm

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