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Letter dated May 9, 1863 from Andrew Doran to parents James and Rebecca Doran

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       Camp Morgan
         May the 9th, 1863

 Dear father and mother I received your kind and affectionate letter yesterday and was glad to hear that you was well.  As this leaves me at the present time we are encamped in one of the prettiest places that I ever saw.  It is in grove of sugar trees.  They are leafed out and make one of the nicest shades that can be made.  We are only 11 miles from Nashville.  We are building a fort hear it will be finished next week.  We have worked on it two days and I guess we will come in for another day on it yet there is more men in the company for duty now than there has been for five months.  We have 40 men now for duty and they are all well and hardy but one or two.  You say the copperheads has got there death blow at the poles I am glad to hear it I would like to have some of them down hear to help fill up our thinned ranks.  I never got an answer for that letter I wrote you when I sent the money but it must have been lost for I don’t get half the letters that is written to me.  I write about three a week and I don’t get more than one and sometimes it is two weeks and I don’t get any letters.  I would like to send you the price of grain but I don’t know what it is.  Potatoes is six dollars per bushel and scarce at that.  Eggs is five cents a piece in Nashville and everything is as high as it can be.  I would like to have seen Milo when he was home.  Tell old Tibbel that I would like to be there and go hunting prairie chickens with him.  I have nothing more to write.  I have sent forty dollars to mother but I wrote about that and so I will close this time.  Give my love to my friends. 
I remain your son,
Andrew Doran
to James Doran


Written by Michael S. Doran

September 5, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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