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Letter dated July 10, 1864 from James and Rebecca Doran to Andrew Doran

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July 10, 1864
La Prairie

Dear Son,
I received your letter dated June the 28th wrote by G. T. Thompson stating that you wanted to write to us to let us know that you were wounded in the right arm shoulder.  We thank god that your life is still spared.  I would have been down there as soon as this letter or sooner if I thought that I could get you home or would you be able to come.  I want to know all the particulars about these things as soon as possible and if you will be permitted to come home.  I will go down after you as soon as I receive an answer.  We will feel very uneasy till we hear from you again.  Do not delay to write as soon as this comes to hand.  The worst of it for if there is danger we want to know it and soon if possible.

We send out thanks to G. T. Thompson for his care and attention to you in this your time of pain.

I had a letter from William and one from Robert the same day that I got yours.  They are both well but Will is hard down on that old Traitor Steel and say he tried to sell them every man but the rest of the officers took the management of affairs in their own hands and saved the Herefords not the trains.  He set fire to part of his wagons and burnt them up and sent 5 to 600 mules to Pine Bluffs with just men enough men to drive them and they let him!  Know what he had done so as he could take them.

I believe that such traitors should be made to bite dust by his own men and that just as soon (as one) is found out.  It is too bad that such men should have the lives of so many brave boys entrusted in their care.

We have got all our rye and wheat cut and in shock but I don’t know as our oats will be worth cutting.  I believe the bugs will take them all.  In Lacon they ask $3.00 a day for harvesting but I think they will not get it or at least not from me.

A great deal of wheat will not be cut.  Some is burning up on the ground already.

We all join in sending our love to you.

Write soon.

We remain your Father and Mother to death.

James & Rebecca Doran


Written by Michael S. Doran

September 5, 2010 at 7:25 pm

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